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College Planning Support as Unique as You Are
Each service outlined below begins with a FREE initial consultation so you can have peace of mind knowing that we are on the same page and you are on the right track. 

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  1. Comprehensive College Panning
    Deciding where you want to go to college is a process. It takes time to research and consider the many qualities you seek in a college. Your student is also learning and growing and changing a lot over their high school years. This program is comprehensive and customized to fit your family's needs while being flexible enough to accommodate changes over time. Meetings take place in person if local to Ventura County or virtually for students anywhere in the United States. After your initial phone conversation, Mandy will send you a customized contract for your consideration. Sample contracts are also available upon request.
  2. College Essay Support
    For students who are looking for strategy when it comes to their college essays, Mandy offers a customizable program that addresses just that. Contracts are customized based on number of colleges and/or number of essays, not by number of reviews.
  3. The Senior Rush
    Sometimes students don't know where they want to go to college or even whether they want to go to college... UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!! Guess what! It's not too late! College deadlines vary and they come back around every semester. If you are (or have) a high school senior and you need some last-minute help figuring out where or how to apply, Mandy has a custom program for you!
  4. Fees
    Transparency is key when it comes to building relationships and college consulting is all about relationships. Mandy spends ample time getting to know her students and their family's personality in order to provide her best service and self. Each program is customized to meet the needs of the student. A typical comprehensive program will include 18-20 contact hours, spread over 2-3 years, and range from $2,500 - $3,000. Essay support packages will range between $250 - $1000+ depending on the number of essays and colleges. The initial consultation and "demo-hour" are always FREE. All parties involved (Student, Parent, and Mandy) are to sign the custom contract before fees are paid and services begin.
  5. Grad School
    Ready to take your higher education or career to the next level? Mandy can help you find that perfect program and provide expert strategies for your application. Program fee begins at $500 Customization is available depending on possible pre-requisite course advisement and number of grad school applications.
  6. Adult Learners (Online College Programs)
    For the busy adult who wants to start (or finish) their degree online and has no idea where to begin, Mandy can help you: -Understand the value and the stigma around earning an online degree. -Help you find programs that are respectable, accredited, and affordable. -Explain your past transcripts and credits earned so you can maximize what you have and minimize what you have left to complete. Program Fee: $250
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