About Mandy
Mandy Stangeland, M.S.
Mandy was born in Ventura, CA but spent eleven years of her childhood growing up in the gorgeous town of Bend, OR. When she was in high school, her family moved back to Ventura County and settled in Newbury Park. 

Mandy attended Moorpark College where she completed her general education and earned an associates degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management. She enjoyed a ten-year career working with animals before sidestepping into a career working with college and college-bound students. She earned a bachelor's degree in management followed by a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration before opening Wise Owl College Consulting LLC in 2017. 

Mandy still lives in Newbury Park, CA with her husband, Chad, and their three children. Chad is the T-TEN Automotive Coordinator at Ventura College and was Mandy's first Grad-School planning client.

Mandy enjoys traveling up and down the west coast, getting back to Bend, OR whenever she can, touring colleges with her kids, and being a mom to her fur and feathered babies as well. 
Mandy's Philosophy
Hello! Mandy here. Do you ever feel like there is just too much pressure on kids these days to get into college? Between grades and test scores, extra-curricular activities, sports, and leadership... when do these kids have time to be... kids!?  

A college consultant can help decipher the important from the unimportant. We can help you strategize, decide on what classes to take and what activities to maintain or drop. I believe the most important thing I can teach you and your student about planning for college is how to embrace their uniqueness, cultivate their curiosity, and discover just how special they are as a college applicant without having to do anything "extra". 

It's true that colleges want variety, but that doesn't mean each applicant should be as varied as they can be. Your uniqueness is what gives them their variety. 

So embrace your nerdiness, own your activism, or let your freak flag fly! Come as you are - I guarantee there is a college out there that was built for YOU.